Hearthstone Deck Building

For those of you new to the card game genre, deck building is a core part of the gameplay. It’s probably almost as fun building a good solid deck that represents you as much as it is fun playing the game itself.

So what is deck building?


Here’s what Blizzard has to tell us. First of all, don’t be disheartened … it is “Easy to create decks”. Blizzard even offers to “Suggest a card” and provide you with “Tools to evaluate your deck”. Heck, you “Can just let the game complete a deck for you”! But wait … I just said buliding your own personalised deck is half the fun, so do it yourself!

This is a Card Collector Game afterall (Blizzard didn’t want to use Trading Card Game because you can’t trade cards), so building a deck is of paramount important.

So, so first of all, true to the Warcraft universe, you select a hero from the 9 classes you are all familiar with. Monk and Death Knight are missing for now and likely at release, but you can almost surely count on them being added in the future.

Also, you may not start with all heroes to choose from right at the start. Blizzard has stated that you unlock new heroes and basic cards through playing against Practice AI. Whether they mean you unlock different heroes from that same class or lock a class totally from you right at the start still remains to be seen.


This is an important decision, because this will influence what kinds of abilities, spells or weapons you can use. For e.g., only a Warlock can summon a Succubus or use Voidwalker pets. A priest probably has some Mind Control spells, or healing spells up his sleeves.

Usually, your entire deck will be built around the hero and a core strategy. Within each hero class, there should also be multiple talent specs per class (a Fury warrior, or an Arms warrior), so those familiar with the Warcraft universe should be able to pick a hero that best resembles their WOW-alter-ego most.


After your hero is selected, you start selecting your cards. Remember that the rule here is slightly different from a real life card collector game. You need to select 30 cards for your deck, and you can only have a maximum of 2 cards of the same kind for common, rare, or epic cards. Because legendary cards are very powerful, you can only have 1 of them too.

For those familiar with TCGs such as Magic, WOWTCG, contrast that to 60 cards, and not more than 4 cards of the same kind.


Don’t have to worry so much about these restrictionsthough, because the game will put a Lock on the card when you can’t select any more of them.


Once you have formed your deck, you even get to name your deck. Shown here is a deck for a rogue, and the creator playfully named it “Moulin Rogue”. Hehe.

You will be able to customize a lot of decks for you to experiment with and change at will, so that’s really very handy as compared to a real life version. In the real life version, changing a deck usually involves tearing down your existing deck and spending hours to arrange them especially when you don’t have enough cards to put them into multiple decks.

Well, with that, you are ready to play!

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